Friday, December 18, 2009


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Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) two days ago promoted his film TREASURE HUNTER (CHI LING) in Shanghai. Working on a movie earlier in the U.S., Chairman Chou was obviously plumper. He joked that he ate too well in the U.S.

Chairman Chou recently made three action films TRUE LEGEND (SO HAK YI), TREASURE HUNTER and THE GREEN HORNET and said that being an action star was exhausting. He did not want to typecast as a kung fu star either. As for working on GREEN in Hollywood, Chairman Chou never thought about working in Hollywood. He only wanted Hollywood to be a launching pad, he only wanted to complete the film and be done with it. He also never thought about replacing Bruce Lee. As for any regret that he had in TREASURE, he said that his height and clarified that he and Lin Chiling were the same height, not a centimeter shorter than her as rumored! Chairman Chou said, if he would direct again he would cast Lin Chiling as the female lead.

TREASURE HUNTER was released at the same time as Zhang Yimou's A SIMPLE NOODLE STORY, Pang Brothers' STORM WARRIORS (FUNG WON II) and Teddy Chan Tak Sum's BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING). The resulting box office was only average. Chow Kit Lun and director Kevin Chu Yen-Ping could not disguise the disappointment in their eyes. Chu Yen-Ping felt that the competition was not only too strong but also admitted that TREASURE HUNTER screenplay had problems and too many advertisements. However, he felt that most importantly the film's earlier promotion lacked Chow Kit Lun. He said, "It was like losing a left wing and a right arm, how can I fight with others?"

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