Sunday, December 13, 2009


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday attended Gucci's first flagship store opening in Macau. Other guests included Jennifer Tse Ting Ting, Rosemary, Almen Wong Pui Ha's family, and Sima Yin's family.

Sing Sing expressed that he would not gamble in Macau, as he never believed in getting something from nothing and would only rely on his own hard work to make money. As for a Christmas gift for Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam), he expressed that he has not thought about Christmas gifts yet because he was very busy lately. He did not want to talk about his personal life either and only wanted to work. Hung Doi Lam's new film MY SASSY GIRL 2 (NGOR DIK YEH MAN NUI YAU 2) will be released soon, will he support it? He said, "I am not talking about personal matter."

Tse Ting Fung has officially signed with Wong Jing and now is negotiating screenplays. She honestly said that she would like to play a female killer, but Wong Jing felt that she should make different developments. Ting Ting expressed that she would respect his opinion. Would she mind working with her boyfriend or family? Ting Ting said, "If I work with the whole family, if the relationships in the film are different they would seem fake and unconvincing. The characters would also be very strange." However, Ting Ting would like to work with her boyfriend. They have discussed what characters they could play. She said that her boyfriend suggested a hero rescuing the beauty and she would be the hero. Ting Ting said that she was not strong enough to carry her boyfriend and would rather leave the hero for him.

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