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The film adaptation novel BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS PREQUEL earlier held a release ceremony in Beijing. The newly crowned Golden Horse Award Best Supporting Actor Wang Xueqi attended the event. He said, "Because of a variety of reasons I couldn't be there in person. Yet BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS' Taiwan colleague immediately informed me of the award." Reportedly, that night producer Peter Chan Ho Sun set Wang Xueqi a text message. "Instructor Wong, congratulate. Next year you will be the Best Actor."

In BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSIN PREQUEL each of the character's history has been thoroughly uncovered: how Wong Xueqi's wealth merchant Li Yutong climbed step by step to be the richest merchant in Hong Kong and finally what he did to become a "revolutionary leader". Wang Xueqi humorously said, "I am an after the fact person. After making the film I realize that actually I still have a son. I suggest next year we make the BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS prequel."

BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS' nine kings and one queen golden ensemble has been long anticipated. Wang Xueqi was the only one who had a scene with each of the eight great Best Actors, which satisfied his acting bug. When he made FOREVER ENTHRALLED (MUI LAN FONG), Wong Xueqi and Lai Ming had no scene together. This time was considered their first real collaboration. Wang Xueqi had nothing but praise for Lai Ming, saying that "Lai Ming overcame a lot of hardship". Although he was an actor of stature and achievement, he still was very humble. His character's costume was messy and dirty, he dared to break through his perfect image. "During the shoot, sometimes he got off work first. Shanghai was particularly hot. We had to wear winter costumes. In order to go over the scenes with me, he was undressing but still helped me with the lines off camera. I was very touched."

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