Monday, December 14, 2009


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Eddie Peng Yu Yen and Ming Dow lately have been busy with the Sil-Metropole and Mei Ah school romance film GUNG JOI JI CHET (CLOSE TO A FEW FEET). Both had boxing training. Pang Yu Yen after a month of training lost five kilograms and achieved perfect muscular curvature. Ming Dow just trained for a few days and already looked the part. Full of killer instincts in his eyes, he even joked that he could fight Peng Yu Yen for real.

In the film they played athletes and even had a boxing match. Peng Yu Yen aside from boxing also removed fat and dessert from his high protein diet. Everyday he also jumped rope and ran to get into the perfect shape. He expressed that when he made WAYWARD KENTING he was already in great shape, this time he only wanted to look more cut. The coach praised Peng Yu Yen for being very well honed in his release and dodging and he could participate in an amateur match. He joked that after this film he might develop in Thailand. He felt that most importantly he was not afraid to get hit. However, the boxing training made him sore all over and at night he did not sleep well.

Ming Dow has been training only for a few days. In the film he had to fight Peng Yu Yen. He was afraid that a pretend fight would be very lame and asked Peng Yu Yen to fight for real during the shoot. That way the painful reactions would be the most realistic. Peng Yu Yen did not dare to as he was afraid of hurting Ming Down. The director also issued a "ban" from fighting for real, fearing that any injury would hinder the production progress. The team also had over 10 million insurance policies on both. Ming Dow expressed that he studied Tae Kwon Do for a few years as a child. Most of Tae Kwon Do attacks were leg based but boxing required hands. Now he had to slowly change what he was used to.

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