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Yuen Woo Ping, Zhou Xun
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The Yuen Woo Ping directed TRUE LEGEND (SO HAK YI) yesterday held a press conference in Beijing to announce the film's 3D version and its February 11 2010 release. Director Yuen Woo Ping and actors Zhou Xun, Liu Genghong, and Jiang Luxia attended. The event displayed parts of 3D TRUE LEGEND.

TRUE LEGEND's most exciting action will appear in 3D to the audience. Yuen Woo Ping has put a lot of time and effort from the film's preparation, production to post production. The action after adding 3D effects provided a more shocking experience to the audience. Yuen Woo Ping said that this production's 3D team worked on computer generated special effects for CJ7 (CHEUNG GONG CHUT HO), SECRET (BUT NUNG SUET DIK BEI MUK), Hollywood hits IRON MAN and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN AT WORLD'S END. This was not only a pioneering martial art film but also a new attempt for Chinese 3D film.

Zhou Xun was the only actress without any action scene in TRUE LEGEND. Zhou Xun said that at first when she heard Lord Eight approached her with the film, she thought that finally someone was asking her to play an action role. Actually it was also a dramatic role, which she joked was somewhat disappointing. She hoped that Lord Eight would offer her some action films in the future. Although she was responsible for all the drama in TRUE LEGEND, she accidentally had an action scene. However she said that it was a secret. In the film she played a mother for the first time. Zhou Xun said that she could not handle the child actor who played her son because he was only five. Everyone on the set tried to coax him but none could handle him.

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