Tuesday, December 22, 2009


courtesy of takungpao.com

The Sil-Metropole invested film GUN JOI JI CHET (CLOSE AT HAND) officially began production yesterday. The film's ladies Ranee Yuan Xinyu, Amber Kuo (Kwok Choi Kit) and Yang Zishan would have to spend Christmas at work, so yesterday they went to take holiday photos together. The trio posed in front of a Christmas tree. Kwok Choi Kit's short hair look in the film appeared for the first time. She joked that this perhaps was the shortest hair cut that she has had since infancy.

The most memorable of past Christmases for Yuan Xinyu was when she recieved a 140 centimeter tall bear. Originally she could not be more excited, but after carrying to her fifth floor home she was huffing and puffing.

Kwok Choi Kit's memorable Christmas was when she was studying with classmates she ran to light candles somewhere in school to celebrate, which was very romantic. From Beijing, Zishan honestly said that she has never celebrated Christmas. She never even received any gift. She complained, "My boyfriend of many years hated crowds and didn't have the habit of celebrating holidays. I in turn never got to celebrate before."

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