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[2010.07.02] 24 HERBS LOVES MOVIES

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24 Herbs yesterday attended their new song VERY HOT MOVIE (HO YIT HEI)'s music video premiere. They expressed that the video was shot at Ocean Cinema and they even asked their friends model Lisa S. and Michael Wong Man Tak to perform. Many of the six members have joined the film industry. Earlier some of them participated in the film ONCE A GANGSTER (FEI SA FUNG JUNG SHUEN). Because the song was about movies and was a rap, Satellite television movie channel thought of 24 Herbs.

The group all expressed that they liked to watch movies. Member Ah Fei even joked that he watched movies everyday. Reporters asked them whether there were so many good movies out. Conroy Chan Chi Chung cut in and asked whether there were so many movies? He even said that more and more were "garbage" movies. Which ones were garbage? He immediately said that some foreign films were, but none among Hong Kong films. Chan Chi Chung expressed that earlier he watched Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho)'s TRIPLE TAP (CHEUNG WONG JI WONG) and said it was great. He also said that Daniel performed very well. After marriage he changed a lot and he was more mature.

24 Herbs planned to make a movie together and is currently working on a script. As for the genre, they said they could not say because the idea was truly too amazing. They worried that someone would steal it. Ultimately it has not been made in Hong Kong before. As for any genre that they would not make, Ah Fei said none. They even watched to make category III sex films, but they stressed that they would not be the actors. They would direct. As for the ideal actor, everyone looked at Chan Chi Chung as if he was the best choice. Chi Chung smartly said that Eddie was the most suitable. Because he had a big belly that was quite comfortable as a pillow.

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