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The film FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 (Tong Pak Fu Dim Chau Heung 2) will open in Hong Kong on July 8. The Four Great Geniuses in the film Huang Xiaoming, Zhou Libo, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Nat Chan Pak Cheung (Ah Lek) competed in acting, agility and comedy. As Tang Bohu, Huang Xiaoming expressed that this time the stress was enormous because the previous Tang Bohu was Stephen Chow Sing Chi who truly was hard to surpass. Huang Xiaoming could only try other tricks to accentuate his positives to their fullest. He pointed out that this film was Tang Bohu's prequel. In the film Tang Bohu was younger than the original version, which turned him into the lively and energetic "guy next door". Huang Xiaoming also appeared in a costume film for the first time and even had to wield nunchuku fans as a scholar who was talented with both a pen and a sword; yet in the film he also had to suffer his mean wife's abuse and beaten until his nose bled.

Yam Yin Chai this time played genius Xu Changgu. Siu Chai's Einstein hairstyle stole the most scenes. Siu Chai has never appeared in such a costume and the audience felt it was very novel. Yam Yin Chai pointed out that in history Xu Changgu was just as talented as Tang Bohu.  He was not as famous only because he was not as romantic.

Chan Pak Cheung was a part of the original FLIRTING SCHOLAR and played one of the Four Great Geniuses at the time. 17 years ago, he also was the only one who remained among the four. A survey of the most memorable scene in FLIRTING SCHOLAR revealed that Chan Pak Cheung's nude scene was only second to Chow Sing Chi's singing scene. This time in FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2, Ah Lek again performed in the buff in ten degrees below zero Celsius temperature. He was even more "bursting" than 17 years ago. He joked that although his figure was no match to then, his courage was still commendable.

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