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Jennifer Tse Ting Ting
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Jennifer Tse Ting Ting yesterday along with Cara G. and other models modeled the latest handbag at Kipling show; Ting Ting on Friday will head to Guangzhou to work on the film BRUCE LEE, MY BROTHER (SIU NIN LEI SIU LUNG). Did she have to prepare anything? She said, "I have to adjust my sleep time and sleep as much as I can because I won't be able to sleep often during the shoot. Uncle Kong could sleep at any time. (Do you need to sleep a lot?) No, and I like to get up early."

She also said that her parents have already stated that they will visit her on the set. Her brother Nicholas Tse Ting Fung also stated that he will sabotage her, but she asked for a little time to adjust. However boyfriend Andy On Chi Kit was welcomed to visit at any time because he will not go to the set. He will only wait for her to be off from work. Her boyfriend also took a new role latest and they had to be separated for some time. Has she studied information about Bruce Lee's life? She said, "I went online for that, the director also gave me a lot of video, including his Cha Cha footage. My brother is also a super Bruce Lee fan, so I have chatted with his a lot about filmmaking. (Have you talked with your sister in law Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi?) I showed her the costumes, actually the entire family saw them. They thought one of the photos looked exactly like Mommy. (Have you watched Mommy's performance?) I looked at many photos of Mommy, of course she is much prettier!"

Ting Ting also said that in the film Bruce Lee kept his fondness for her inside so they did not date. Then they will not have any intimate scene? She asked, "Are you very disappointed? (Your boyfriend is the happiest?) He's the happiest about having a job because the film was postponed time and again. Now it finally will officially start work." In addition, she also revealed her younger nephew Quintus went out for the first time to her mother's home. She also took the chance to visit him. She said, "It was only my third or fourth time seeing him, he is very heavy. (Do you like Lucas more?) Now I take care of Lucas more because everyone else's attention is on Quintus. I have the responsibility to watch Lucas."

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