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Johnnie To Kei Fung and Wai Ka Fai co-directed DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART (DAN SUN NAM NUI) has moved its production to Suzhou to wrap up the shoot. Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) who will walk down the aisle in Hong Kong with Lisa S. on the 28th under To Kei Fung's order cheated first in Suzhou with a passionate kiss with female lead Gao Yuanyuan. Ng Yin Cho joked, "I never expected that I would do something to betray my wife now, tell her to go after Director To! Hahaha! Actually she understands that it's for the movie, she is not that petty."

To Kei Fung chose Suzhou for the wrap because he thought Suzhou was a very pretty place. He even revealed that in a few days Louis Koo Tin Lok will join the team; but because it was Ng Yin Cho's final day, Director To popped champagne bottles to celebrate his wedding next week. Ng Yin Cho in the film worked on a proposal scene with Gao Yuanyuan. To Kei Fung told him to get on one knee, take out a diamond ring and ask Gao whether she was willing to marry him. During rehearsal Ng Yin Cho was somewhat embarrassed and often broke into laughter. He even said to the director, "I truly have never done this. (How did Ng Yin Cho propose to Lisa S.?) It wasn't like this at all. One day I was having dinner with her and talked about having children. We both felt it was time. I then asked her if she was willing to marry me, she said yes. Just like that I
proposed and she agreed. It wasn't romantic at all. Ultimately we have been together for eight years, so just now was my first time proposing on my knee."

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