Thursday, July 8, 2010


Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi shared photos of her second son on her phone with Chen Luyu

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Stephen Chow Sing Chi along with Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and her son Lucas appeared on Phoenix Satellite's hit program A DATE WITH LUYU in Beijing to promote CJ7 THE CARTOON (CHEUNG GONG 7 HO OI DEI KAU). Pak Chi expressed that because her son Lucas loved to watch cartoons and to sing and dance, their collaboration with Sing Yeh has been so smooth. As soon as Lucas appeared he stole the thunder from Sing Yeh and Pak Chi. Lucas even conversed with Luyu in English without any fear. His cute performance often made the crew laugh.

During the interview, Pak Chi revealed that when she made KING OF COMEDY (HEI KET JI WONG) she had a photo with Sing Yeh by her bed. People who saw it asked whether Pak Chi was dating him and led to a lot of misunderstanding. Sing Yeh did not remember posing for this photo and joked, "Everyday I pose for so many pictures with people, how can I remember?" Pak Chi expressed that she wanted this photo to remind her when she first joined the entertainment circle she was the purest and the most innocent. Recalling the collaboration then, Pak Chi felt that Sing Yeh was very attentive. She said, "back then when we had noodles for lunch, I said if we had some vinegar it would be better. He went to get a bottle for me. He was the big star. At the time I was only a pretty girl. My eyes immediately came down." Even the live crew sensed Sing Yeh's attentiveness. When they arrived at the live broadcast studio, Sing Yeh wore a wind breaker. When he learned that Pak Chi wore black he immediately changed into dark clothes to match her.

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