Monday, July 12, 2010


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ELLE Star of China fashion awards took place in Shanghai. Artist Zhang Jingchu was a guest presenter and expressed that she wanted to change her image and hoped to try some sexy fashion in the summer. "After so many years in the industry, I have to change a little. At least I have to change to be more graceful."

As a film actress, Zhang Jingchu did not forget to promote her new film CITY UNDER SIEGE (CHUEN SING GAI BEI). "Although I had fight scenes in FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2, they were girly. In CITY UNDER SIEGE I had many building jumps and fight scenes. This is my first truly meaningful fight scene." Zhang Jingchu said, "CITY UNDER SIEGE has been in production for a long time. I forgot that my action film was so well made. The director every time on the set had to design the action anew, which made me very nervous whenever I got on the set. Many fight scenes I learned and sold in the time it took for two sentences. During the shoot I thought, screw it, I am going all out!" Speaking of the female fighting stars in the industry, Zhang Jingchu expressed that she respected Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King) the most. "They are my idols in terms of fight scenes. I admire their life risking spirit."

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