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The 84 year old veteran actress Pak Dik yesterday held a press conference for her memoir THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IS NO MORE THAN THE SUNSET RED (JUI MEI BUT GOR JIK YEUNG HUNG). Friends included director Ann Hui On Wa who wrote the foreword, Lai Suen, Chow Chung, Cho Chung and Susan Shaw Yam Yam came to congratulate her. Pak Dik with her daughter Si Hung cut the cake.

According to Si Hung, the preparation for this book began over a year ago. Most of it came from her mother's oral recollection, others came from the column that her mother used to write. Pak Dik claimed to be a normal person but by chance she met and witnessed many extraordinary people and events, but because she wanted to ensure privacy of those involved she rarely mentioned it. However now some of those involved have already passed and several decades have passed since the events. In addition she missed her friends of yesteryear, so she completed this little book.

Hui On Wa in 1986 due to the HIBISCUS TOWN production met Pak Dik. Since then she has been a frequent guests at her home. She praised Pak Dik's great cooking ability. Each time she had guests she could easily make over 10 to 20 dishes. She also had multiple talents with acting and screen writing. When asked whether she would make an autobiographical film for Pak Dik, she honestly said that for now she has not thought about it because films of that era had expensive costumes and sets. She did not have so much financing to make it. She also pointed out that Pak Dik has been very happy. Although several years ago a stroke affected her mobility, she still was in great spirit.

Old enough to be Pak Dik's granddaughter, Cho Chung yesterday brought her parents to support Pak Dik. She expressed that both she and Pak Dik were Hengzhou compatriots, and she danced with Si Hung. She praised Pak Dik was their idol because so far her skin remained impeccable and work for her was like wild fire. She also revealed that she just visited Russia with her parents. Because she still has a contract with TVB she would continue to commute between the Mainland and Hong Kong but she would mainly host. When asked whether hosting was more comfortable than acting, she said, "Hosting isn't comfortable because I have a lot to remember. Thus I have to keep honing. I am able to see a lot though."

Gigi Lai Chi's aunt Lai Suen yesterday came with her husband. She expressed that she often met with Lai Chi's parents but she never visited Lai Chi after her pregnancy. She has not thought about what to give her twins either. She also said that she has known Pak Dik for decades. Has she thought about writing a memoir as well? She humbly said that she was not qualified. Despite of recent lack of series, she expressed that she was not retired. Only no one wanted her. She said, "I have an acting bug, I am willing to make anything. However characters are few at my age."

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