Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Rose Chan Ka Hung, To Yu Hang, Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Sire Ma Choi
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The film THE LEGEND IS BORN: IP MAN (IP MAN CHIN JUEN) after a week in release has already reached 5.8 million at the Hong Kong box office. The cast including To Yu Hang, Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Sire Ma Choi and Rose Chan Ka Wun last night attended a celebration. Even Master Ip Chun attended. The boss even announced that next June another movie about Ip Man would be made.

To Yu Hang was satisfied with the box office performance but would like it to be a little better. As for the boss' announcement of another Ip Man film, they all felt it was a good thing. To Yu Hang was not afraid of ruining the subject and felt that a serious production would be the most important.

Liu Bik Yi last night revealed that earlier she will go to Europe to make a movie and leave Hong Kong for awhile, but she was not worried that TVB would suspend her because they talked about it in advance.

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