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The August 19 costume comedy release ADVENTURE OF THE KING (LUNG FUNG DIM) recently published stills of actress Huo Siyan in a male disguise. Huo Siyan looked very heroic and during the costume fitting she even raised her fan and jokingly made a pose, "Do I look like Tang Bohu? Let me show you my Huang Xiaoming trademark smile!"

In ADVENTURE OF THE KING, Huo Siyan plays a talkative princess who often conducted lengthy "language harassment" of her brother the King, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai). This was also her first comedy film. Huo Siyan said, "This character is very different from my past silver screen image. She is just as talkative as the Veritable Tang Monk in THE CHINESE ODYSSEY, basically her mouth never stops. The character's movement, expression, voice and speech have to be very fast, very high, very exaggerated." Huo Siyan said that every time she delivered her lines she felt like she was almost out of breath. "Not only do I have to talk fast, my expression and physical movement also have to have a comedy feel. Basically I have to give my all to the performance." Yet this earned her the compliment of "cute little shrew" from Yam Yin Chai. The director also expressed that Siyan absolutely was the female lead in the first 20 minutes of the film. After watching the entire film her character left a deep impression with people, the performance was brilliant.

Actually her comedy filled performance was due to Law Kar Ying. Law Kar Ying expressed that in this film he taught Huo Siyan everything he knew. Huo Siyan replied that Law Kar Ying also taught her a little secret, to have a few sips of wine to warm up before delivering a lot of lines. The feeling afterward mobilized the entire body and the mind was be particularly clear. No matter how complicated the lines were they would be no problem.

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