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Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi earlier talked about life after giving birth, coming back to film and her latest on an exclusive Cable interview. When ever she talked about her family life, Pak Chi always had a happy smile on her face. She expressed that becoming a mother again felt effortless and even praised Lucas as a good older brother. She said, "He really loves his little brother, he is very gentle with him." When asked whether Quintus has a Chinese name yet, Pak Chi said, "The name has been come up with, but I want to wait for my hubby to announce it."

Speaking of Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Lucas' father and son relationship, she expressed that because Ting Fung often has to work outside Hong Kong, at home she often plays Daddy's movies and music videos for Lucas. His favorite is a music video with Daddy and Grandpa in a plane because he likes planes very much. As for the constant rumors about the Tse family, Pak Chi took the chance to set them straight and even hoped that the media would spare them. She expressed, "My home has a very funny father in law, a mother in law who is so open minded, a hubby who loves me so much, and a pair of healthy sons. I can't be more full score than the full score." She even planned to have more children for the Tse family, a boy and a girl would be the best.

When asked about coming back to work on Derek Yee Tung Sing's new film after four years, she expressed that she had a connection to Yee Tung Sing. She expressed, "Aside from him giving me my first Best Actress award, I haven't made a movie in four years. I hope to increase my worth with this comeback and work with someone who I can trade hearts with, feel secure and comfort with." She even expressed that she looked forward to working with Tony Leung Chiu Wai very much because the last time they worked together was TOKYO RAIDERS (DUNG GAING GUNG LUEK) 11 years ago. Unfortunately at the time they did not have many scenes together. She would like to do her part as an actress and wait for the director and the film company to confirm everything.

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