Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Wang Zhonglei, Feng Xiaogang, Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), Huang Jianxin
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AFTER SHOCK two nights ago held its premiere in Beijing. Director Feng Xiaogang and Huayi Brothers chief Wang Zhonglei personally welcomed guests on the red carpet. Tsui Hark, Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), Natasha Na Ying, Song Dandan, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Huang Jianxin, Gao Qunshu, Zhang Yang, China Film Group chief Han Sanping and others attended. Director Feng Xiaogang led the cast to watch the film with the audience. When the credits rolled, the entire venue erupted into applause that lasted 5 minutes. Na Ying after watching the film praised the director, while Song Dandan called Xu Fan the greatest actress in China.

Due to health issues, Liu Huan who has not appeared in public for a long time appeared in black, a pony tail and carried a cane on the red carpet. Na Ying attended with Ye Jianying's granddaughter Ye Mingzi. According to director Feng Xiaogang, Na Ying already asked to attend the premiere when the film just started production. When she learned that the film would have a screening last night in Beijing, she flew back from overseas to attend.

During last night's screening, sobbing could be heard continuously; when "Director Feng Xiaogang" appeared on the end credit, 1,000 viewers broke into a 5 minute long applause. Then Shang Wenjie slowly appeared on stage to perform the film's promotional song 23 SECONDS, 32 YEARS and 1,000 viewers again responded with passionate applause. When the film's entire creative team appeared on stage, viewers again gave a standing ovation. Feng Xiaogang thanked the numerous friends for his support. "It's up to everyone to say whether this film is good or bad. I've done my best! I completed this film with sincerity. I hope my sincerity can touch everyone." Xu Fan after watching the film again sighed, "It's truly good to be alive."

After the film ended, Tsui Hark, Gao Qunshu and Lee Nin Kit's eyes were all red and teary. Na Ying left the screening room with tissues. She expressed that after becoming a mother, this type of movies was particularly touching for her. "I can't control myself, I don't how many tissues I threw away."

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