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Ng Yu, Sire Ma Choi, Coffee Lam Yuen Ha, Lam Chiu Wing, Chun Siu Chun
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Mona Fong Yat Wa single handedly put together TVB, Emperor and Shaw's first film collaboration THE JADE AND THE PEARL (FEI CHUI MING JU). Emperor executive Ng Yu expressed that Ms. Fong this time let go completely for them to do their part. The only objection was the theme song, which she asked to be recorded again. Elaine Lok Yi Ling was very satisfied after watching the kiss scene between Joey Yung Cho Yi and Raymond Lam Fung and joked that she wanted to replace Joey to kiss Lam Fung. Lam Fung and Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin originally has a peck but after watching he asked for another take in order please the audience.

Ng Yu said, earlier he wanted to remake THE KINGDOM AND THE BEAUTY (GONG SAN MEI YUNG) but Kelly Chen Wai Lam has already made it. Ah Sa also felt that she was no match for Linda Lam Doi and instead was very interested in ROMANCE OF THE PHOENIX CHAMBER (FUNG GOK YAU SAU MEI LIU CHING). Finally they thought that "jade and pearl" could be used as tokens of love. In the film originally in one scene the jade and the pearl were scattered in the air, Ng Yu thought it was unlucky and turned the idea down. He was very confident in this film and expected the box office to be over 10 million. Lam Fung's fans have already booked a cinema. Director Chun Siu Chun also complimented Ah Sa's acting as decent. Although the shoot took place when Ah Sa was at her lowest romantically, she still was able to perform the young girl emotions. One of the producers Chin Siu Wai suggested a nomination for her for the Golden Horse and the Hong Kong Film Awards.

In addition, Ng Yu yesterday also appeared on a radio interview. Emperor's support of Lam Fung reportedly upset top star Leo Ku Kui Ke. Ng Yu said that he would be upset at such rumors too. He said that they all did their own thing. Gei Jai was mainly focused on music and records, which Emperor definitely would put a lot of effort into. Lam Fung had TVB as his support. Why did he not ask Gei Jai to perform THE JADE AND THE PEARL theme song? Ng Yu said that he was not in the film, if he sang it it would feel strange.

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