Monday, July 5, 2010


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Chapman To Man Jat and Wong Cho Nam yesterday promoted their new film LA COMEDIE HUMAINE (YUN GAN HEI KET) in Mongkok. They both were dressed in yellow. Ah Jat joked, "Because of 'yellow' Cho Nam, we have to match up." They gave away 2000 HK$10 movie ticket certificates and attracted many people. Did they have to pump up the box office? Cho Nam said, "This is only a HK$10 certificate, viewers still have to pay to watch. It can't even be called a half price sale, it's more like giving back to the viewers." Ah Jat joked that only people without substance would give free tickets to generate box office. They were the real deal so they would not do anything like that. He boasted that if the box office would exceed 16 million at the box office, he would celebrate with a ten table banquet.

Did they deliberately wait until the World Cup ended for the release? Ah Jat said, "No, we even deliberately chose to screen it during the World Cup. The ones who watched the games cried, while the ones who watched the movie laughed! The response was great, earlier I stated that anyone who could hold their laughter in the 100 minutes could get a refund. In the end no one asked me for it."

In addition, speaking of Anthony Wong Chau Sun criticizing young models as sex workers, Ah Jat said, "In a capitalist society, anyone has the freedom to pick a job. We should respect our own and other people's careers. I support (Chrissie) Chau Sau Na and am her super fan. We chat on the microblog (Does the old lady know?) She yelled at me a long time ago."

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