Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Li Chen, Zhang Jingchu, Feng Xiaogang, screen writer Su Xiaorui
courtesy of takungpao.com

The film AFTER SHOCK two nights ago held its global premiere in Tangshan. Director Feng Xiaogang, Huayi chief Wang Zhonglei, screen writer Su Xiaorui, actors Xu Fan, Li Chen, Chen Daoming, Zhang Guoqiang and others arrived at the Tangshan Earthquake memorial square to present flowers to the 240,000 people who passed away in the 1976 Great Earthquake. The premiere took place at the Tangshan Stadium. Many people gathered at the entrances early on. Over 100 security guards were present but the ticketing process almost turned into a struggle due to the crowding.

At the premiere, several female viewers broke out crying and many male viewers sobbed secretly during scenes like Xu Fan and Zhang Jingchu's mother daughter reunion. After the premiere some from Tangshan expressed that the opening six to seven minutes of earthquake special effects were very shocking, some female viewers stated that they did not even dare to breathe.

After the screening, director Feng Xiaogang and almost 20 actors appeared on stage and met with the audience. Feng Xiaogang expressed that since 2007 when he accepted this duty of AFTER SHOCK he has been working all along. Now he returned to Tangshan to hand in his homework and thank everyone, his homework was considered completed. Chen Daoming received the most cheer on stage. He expressed that this was a movie that was made for remembrance. Huayi all stars also showed their support. Singer Shang Wenjie performed the promotional song 23 SECOND, 32 YEARS. The film's strong mother Xu Fan also performed the film's end credit song.

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