Sunday, July 11, 2010


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Edison Chen Koon Hei yesterday held an autograph session for the trendy label CLOT magazine in Shanghai. Although the label has been established for six years, he dared not proclaimed it to be the best among Chinese and humbly said that they were only the first Chinese street label. When the label will reach its tenth anniversary and people still felt that they were the top Chinese label, then they have succeeded. He would like to open 30-40 more branch stores. The next one definitely will be in Beijing, with more mature, high fashion type stock.

Edison at the end of the month will begin to record his new record that will be released in October or November. At the same time he will make 3 to 4 movies, but he will not produce, act or direct. He said that now he faced different challenges as a new comer with an all new attitude with 150% effort. As for working with Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun), he expressed that they dined together in Taipei and he will write songs for him to help him musically. He in return will provide assistance to his fashion label business.

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