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Feng Xiaogang, Mr. and Mrs. Derek Yee Tung Sing, Xu Fan, Zhang Jingchu, Zhang Zifeng (front)
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The film AFTER SHOCK yesterday held its Hong Kong premiere. Actors Zhang Jingchu, Xu Fan, Li Chen, Zhang Zifeng and director Feng Xiaogang attended. On stage Zhang Jingchu said that she felt wronged when she made this film because of her character's fate. The director wanted her to control her emotions and could not excessively expose her emotions, which made her felt like she was tied down. Feng Xiaogang was asked why he chose the Great Tangshan Earthquake as his film subject. He felt that modern life was too intense and had strong demands on relationships. Hopefully after watching the film everyone would think more about their families and love other more.

AFTER's little girl Zhang Zifeng played the female lead for the first time. Feng Xiaogang praised her as smart and kind. Very friendly to everyone, she had a natural acting talent. Which scene was the most memorable for him? Feng Xiaogang said, "From the first scene to the last scene they were all very memorable. Zifeng was incredible. Actually it is very dangerous for a professional actor and a child to work together. Because children's acting is very natural, the adults have to more natural to be able to coordinate." Zhang Zifeng said that the film was very tough but even so she had to persist, because she has always dreamt about being an actor. In one scene she was crushed under a big rock. Was she afraid? Zhang Zifeng honestly said that she was very afraid. Actually every scene was memorable for me. When asked in comparison to Xu Fan who played her mother whose acting was more amazing? Zhang Zifeng said, "Mama definitely plays better than me."

Xu Fan said that everyone performed well. The worst for her was her knee injury because she had to keep running and keep falling. Her husband Feng Xiaogang said, "On the first day her kneecap was already broken but she still fell everyday. My heart was aching! (Did you give her any reward?) This film's box office is the best reward." Xu Fan also said, "As long as Husband is full focused on the shoot I am fine. If he just took care of me then instead I would feel even worse. I didn't want to distract him, but he still asked me everyday whether I was fine." Feng Xiaogang shyly explained, "It's only because she was shooting summer scenes and had to wear short dresses. If she put something to cover it then it would be wrong."

In addition, Zhang Jingchu revealed earlier the AFTER cast went to promote in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. When they returned to Tangshan originally the sky was dark and everyone was worried about rain, but rain did not arrive until after the entire event was over. It was truly incredible to her. Zhang Jingchu said, "At the time 15,000 people were present. Workers distributed parkas and took rain prevention precautions for the equipment, but someone from Tangshan told me that rain definitely wouldn't come. Finally five minutes after I left in my vehicle rain came, it was truly unbelievable. On my way back to Beijing the storm was wild. Workers also said that rain reached their calves. Perhaps even Heaven was touched, I was even more in awe of nature!" Zhang Jingchu also said that when AFTER was released in Guangzhou, it has already created a box office miracle as it already made 100,000 yuan RMB box office with one show, 75,000 yuan more than FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC earlier. Reportedly she could not leave her character. Zhang Jingchu honestly said that at first she did not sense a problem. After a month and a half she remained very unhappy. When she posed for photos she wanted to cry even from listening to dance music. Thus later she worked on some comedy to have a little fun.

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