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Kelly Fu Ka Lei

Danny Pang Fat

Anson Leung Chun Yat, Kelly Fu, James and Gary
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The Lau Ching Wan and Elanne Kong Yuek Lam starred FAIRY TALE KILLER (CHUEN MEI TUNG WA) is currently in production in Thailand, but Tuesday the production suffered a mass hospitalization when most of the actors including Lau Ching Wan, Ken Low Wai Kwong, Kelly Fu Ka Lei, Square and others were all hospitalized for eye problems. While local doctors claimed that they might have suffered ultra violet ray stimulation or virus infection, director Pang Fat blamed it on a disinfection light.

The temperature reached 40 degree Celsius that day when the shoot took place in an abandoned home in the hills. Lau Ching Wan, Low Wai Kwong, Fu Ka Lei, Anson Leung Chun Yat and Square's James and Gary all participated. That day the team were in the sun all day. At night they went to shoot in a lab.

After the shoot when everyone returned to rest at the hotel, some actors suddenly suffered swollen eyes and nonstop tearing. Later more suffered from similar symptoms, Gary in particular suffered the most severe symptoms as his eyes were so swollen that he could not open them. At the time Leung Chun Yat suggested calling for an ambulance and thus Pang Fat was alerted.

Pang Fat recalled, "I guess due to too much time in the sun during the day and under the disinfection light at night they got sick. The funniest part was when they reached the hospital I called the assistant director to ask for help, but actually the assistant director got sick too. Luckily during the shoot I was in the car so I was fine. However at the time I was very scared so I called the actor. The first one was Lau Ching Wan, who at the time said his eyes hurt a lot. Thus we all met at the hospital. Everyone took the medicine and recovered very quickly."

Ching Wan said that his eyes were much better and joked that his "glasses" saved his life. "Luckily the costume required me to wear glasses. The extra layer prevented it from being as severe as others. After some eye drops I was already fine. Thank you for caring."

Kong Yuek Lam did not arrived in Thailand until that day so she was spared. "Of course I was worried! Ching Wan is my idol, Yat Jai is my friend, Square are my junior colleagues......I consoled each and every one of them."

Fu Ka Lei said, "That day we shot in the country side. Gradually people in the team felt discomfort in their eyes. Everyone said their eyes hurt. Finally we decided to go to the hospital together. The suspected cause was eye infection. The doctor couldn't explain why it happened. Later we got some eye drops and no one had to stay at the hospital." Kelly said that the production was not hindered and that the entire team had red eyes. "After more than half a month the production is still on going. Hopefully everyone will get well soon and complete it successfully." Kelly afterward put on sunglasses to protect her eyes.

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