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Zhang Jingchu's film CITY UNDER SIEGE (CHUEN SING GAI BEI) will be released on August 12 in Hong Kong. Zhang Jingchu's character in the film knew Chinese kung fu and was Wu Jing's partner. Together they were chasing mutants. This time as an action actress, Zhang Jingchu pointed out that the biggest challenge was the action scenes. Each time director Benny Chan Muk Sing and martial art director designed new action scenes, she would be very nervous as she was afraid that she would not be able to adjust in a short time. Later she thought she might as well give her all. Now looking back at the scenes, she too was curious why at the time she fought so well.

Zhang Jingchu was in a lot of pain during the fight scenes, in particular her heel. However she rather enjoyed wire work as she was able to fly up and down, which she thought was a lot of fun. She also pointed out that she was very relaxed in action scenes with Wu Jing because with any accident he would be the first to cover her and keep her from harm. If she had any difficult action, he would teach her short cuts. Zhang Jingchu also discovered that Director Chan was a sentimental person. In one scene when the director read a line with her, his eyes suddenly turned red. Everyone was stunned. During voice work when she relived that scene, she too felt sad. She believed that the audience would scene it too.

Chan Muk Sing expressed that Zhang Jingchu's character was his favorite. He pointed out that Jingchu asked a lot from herself. In the film everyone lost themselves in the pursuit of fame or fortune, only Zhang Jingchu's character was able to live soberly. Thus this was his favorite character. Wu Jing felt that this film was a rare experience because he ran into strong people in both drama and action, like Zhang Jingchu and Collin Chou Siu Lung.

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