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Zhang Jingchu

Feng Xiaogang, Xu Fan
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The Feng Xiaogang directed, Zhang Jingchu and Xu Fan starred film AFTER SHOCK two nights ago held an advanced screening at the Wanchai Convention Center. The guests received a pack of tissue, by the end indeed many viewers were all red from crying. Feng Xiaogang along with Zhang Jingchu and Xu Fan attended the forum right after the event and many viewers stayed to participate. A viewers after the film left a message outside that said "actually being a Hong Konger was so fortunate", which made Feng Xiaogang felt that this film had to be made.

In the film female lead Xu Fan had a pair of children, but during the earthquake she could only save one. Finally amidst the crisis she chose to save her son, but the Zhang Jingchu played daughter miraculous survived. After becoming separated from her family she was adopted. In the 32 years after the disaster, the mother and the daughter lived in hatred and regret until they finally reunited when their eyes released themselves.

Zhang Jingchu expressed that even she did not dare to watch this film because she was afraid that she was too heart breaking. The fact was when she first received the script she already felt that her character was too tragic. She had a hard time persuading herself to play it because she felt how could someone accept such a fate. She also said that director Feng Xiaogang asked her to be very cold with her performance; but when Xu Fan knelt in front of her even icebergs would melt because Xu Fan truly performed too well.

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