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Elanne Kong Yuek Lam, Lau Ching Wan
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The Danny Pang Fat directed film FAIRY TALE KILLER (SOK MING TUNG WA) yesterday held its production start ceremony in Thailand. Attendees included Elanne Kong Yuek Lam, Lau Ching Wan, Joey Man Yi Man, and Mainland actor Wang Baoqiang. The film company selected a lucky time for the worship ceremony to take place and invited Thai priests for the ceremony. In the film Lau Ching Wan and Man Yi Man play a couple. Yesterday they worked on a scene in which they saw Kong Yuek Lam and Wang Baoqiang on the streets and mistook them for beggars. Ching Wan gave them 20 bucks.

Ching Wan expressed that this time he plays a cop who is investigating serial murders but actually is a "slanted shoulder" (irresponsible) cop. In one scene Kong Yuek Lam had to bite him. Ching Wan said, "It's just a bite! It's no big deal!" This is also Ching Wan's first collaboration with Pang Fat. At first he thought he was very serious, actually he was very happy and had a childlike innocence. The shoot has also been very comfortable, the facilities were complete. His wife earlier also visited the set. Earlier the entire team all succumbed to eye infection. Ching Wan said that his eyes have always been sensitive and required eye drops even with a little more dust. Luckily his eyes were only red and were fine after eye drops, but others had to be hospitalized.

Kong Yuek Lam's character suffers from severe autism. Wang Baoqiang plays her boyfriend. She also has been busy with a TVB series in which she plays a happy and energetic Ming Dynasty princess, a role that is very different from this film's character. Because she plays
someone with autism, she has no dialogue and can only make expressions. She works on each scene until she mentally breaks down, she also has to hit herself in the head. She also goes crazy, hits and bites Ching Wan. Sometimes she works until she wails and she is afraid that she cannot
leave the character. The worst part is the team wants her to face the wall for several hours to gather her emotions. Because she wears white, other people pass by and think they see a ghost. They often use a flashlight on her. The director also prohibits her to go out and eat so she is focused on the character. She also says that this character is very similar to the 15 year old who killed his mother and sister in Hong Kong. She feels that Hong Kong has many mental patients. How does she relieve stress? She says, "Luckily the TVB series has (Michael) Tse Tin Wa and (Sammul) Chan Kin Fung to play with me, later I will take half a month to visit Taiwan or India."

Kong Yuek Lam also said that on her first day in Thailand she was locked in her hotel for half a hour. Luckily later she was able to open the door and she immediately asked her assistant to keep her company. Speaking of the film CHILD'S EYE (TUNG NGAN) being selected for the Venice Film Festival, she was very excited about the chance to go the event. Meanwhile, working with Ching Wan for the first time Pang Fat stated that as soon as the cameras rolled he knew Ching Wan was "good". Kong Yuek Lam also has improved a lot. As for CHILD'S EYE's Venice Film Festival participation, he expressed that he did not know whether he or his brother
would go. Lately he has been busy with writing a love story.

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