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The Shaw and Sil-Metropole release THE JADE AND THE PEARL (FEI CHUI MING JU) will be released on August 4. Yesterday four princesses including JJ Jia (Ga Hiu Sun), Macy Chen Mei Si, Christine Kuo and Jess Shum Cheuk Ying, along with two palace maidens Sherry Chen Song,
Cilla Lok Tung and director Chun Siu Chun met with the press and toasted to the film's opening success.

Yesterday the princess wore either low cut or high cut, the sexiest was JJ. She laughed and said, "I am only sexier around the chest, other regions are very secured. (Deliberate beauty contest?) I am no competition, I got a lot fatter. I just didn't want to waste this dress. (Getting fat because you are happy form dating Shum Chun Hin?) We are just good friends, we aren't dating yet. However we have known each other for years, so the chances are better. (Do you have feelings for him?) You have feelings for friends too, but right now my career isn't stable yet. I don't want to date. (Because Nat Chan Pak Cheung doesn't want you to date?) He has told the entire company that hopefully everyone would focus on work, but it wasn't as severe as the magazines described. He doesn't object to normal exchanges and hasn't banned dated. He only
hopes that everyone would stabilize their careers first." JJ also said that she did not like casual dating because she wanted marriage. Reporters urged her to go after her idol Louis Koo Tin Lok because he should be married. She joked, "He has so many female fans, I am afraid that someone would assassinate me. I am already happy to death about being able to work with him." As for Shum Chun Hin's resemblance to Goo Jai, she joked, "If he does then it's great, I don't even have to think about it!"

While boyfriend Eric Suen Yiu Wai said that he was unhappy on his micro blog, Macy was clueless. "You have to ask him, but normal people would occasionally have bad moods, maybe it's the rain! (How do you plan to cheer him up?) I will call him." He might be "cooped" up from a lack of release? She joked, "Koo Cho Lam? (Would you kiss him?) It's a secret, I am not telling you." Earlier a writer unveiled a male artist who forced women to go to bed and pray with him. Suen Yiu Wai was one of the suspects. Recently some magazines followed up on the story. Macy
only thought it was funny and supported her boyfriend as not that type of people. She would only read it like a fantasy novel. She said, "Something like this definitely wouldn't happen to him, but artists have a hard time controlling what other people write. Although it's unfair to
him, what can he do? Hopefully everyone would just laugh it off and stop writing even if they have suspicions."

Kuo Wan Wai who has been saying that she wanted to lose weight has not shown much result. She explained, "I already have improved a little. In addition earlier I was bloated, but I don't want to exercise. I don't want to have muscles all over, I don't want to turn into Mr. Hong
Kong." In the new film, she and the other princesses learned womanly ways from the Carlo Ng Ka Lok played eunuch. She said, "My family is very strict, normally I can't behave like this. In order to play the character well, I worked very hard on learning but for now I have no use
for it. It will be useful in the future with a boyfriend because I will have to entertain him. (Which princess performed the best?) Ka Lok did the best, he was very natural pretending to be a girl, even I feel I am no match for him!"

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