Friday, July 30, 2010


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Shu Qi reunite ten years later. Shu Qi sighed that the film did not have any intimate scene. Being single, she joked that she enjoyed the feeling of dating different people in movies. However, Sing Sing in the film suffered all kinds of abuse. He was even hospitalized for a bloody injury.

Sing Sing and Shu Qi ten years ago worked together on STORM RAIDERS (FUNG WON HUNG BA TIN HA). Ten years later they reunited for Benny Chan Muk Sing's new film CITY UNDER SIEGE (CHUEN SING GAI BEI). In the film their intimate scene ended with a peck. They did not have any kiss scene, which Shu Qi jokingly said was regrettable!

Currently single, Shu Qi joked that she enjoyed the feeling of romancing different actors in different films. "I am pretty unfaithful, today I can date Sing Sing, in another film I can be with Ge You while I look forward to someone else in the next one. Right after cut I can immediately break up. Dating like this is pretty decent." As for Sing Sing ten years ago, Shu Qi pointed out that back then he already was a very famous singer. However he was not arrogant and took great care of new comers. "Working together again this time, his passion for film hasn't changed at all. He never says no no matter how dangerous the scene is."

Shu Qi's character in the film is unkind, selfish and sells out friends. She joked that it is very easy to grasp. Because she did not need to battle wits, she could directly play it. "The character's personality makes me very mad at myself, I feel I am very horrible!" Reportedly the character was a reflection of Patty Hou (Hau Pui Shum), Shu Qi said, "The news is very absurd, very pointless."

Sing Sing joked that ten years later Shu Qi used less "foul language". "Previously her Cantonese was not so fluent, so she always made words sound dirty. However she is very attentive. In one scene we were crammed inside a car. Because of the fat suit I couldn't get tissues to wipe the sweat away, she attentively brought me some. I even got to touch her hand!" As for the most memorable scene, Sing Sing pointed out that the mutant fat look irritate his skin and required hospitalized. Then a truck ran into him, the glass cut his hand and left a scar that is still here now.