Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sherman Chung Shu Man, Deep Ng Ho Hong
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Sherman Chung Shu Man and Deep Ng Ho Hong yesterday appeared on an online radio interview to promote STOOL PIGEON (SIN YUN). In the film Deep played an armed robber and joked that gun scenes in the city felt great. Speaking of the upcoming Miss Hong Kong pageant, would he support his girlfriend's sister Chong Si Ming? He said that day he would have to work on a young idol series in Beijing but would support her in spirit. Chong Si Ming earlier was cited as an also ran candidate, Deep said, "Participation is the key. Anyone has a chance to be also ran, I told her when she hears comments like that, instead she has to do even better to prove that she isn't also ran. Lately she feels much more mature. Actually whether or not she is an also ran doesn't matter, the process is the most important." Deep as "future brother in law" would do his part and ask his friends to vote.

Sherman released her fifth album. As for the theme, she said, "Everyone's life has a mission, my duty is following music for a lifetime." Sherman personally wrote 4 songs, Deep also wrote one for her. Sherman said, "Deep's song PUZZLE (PING TOH) sounds great, but it wasn't plugged. However many message broads praised it, proving that Deep is a very valuable musician. On stage he is a star, I haven't seen him perform on stage for a long time." Deep joked that he always treated Sherman like a toy and often had fun at her expense. Sherman said, "One is willing to abuse the other is willing to take the abuse, he always treats me like a guy like a brother, he also always makes fun of me and says that boys like me shouldn't grow my hair long."

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