Friday, July 30, 2010


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Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won)'s first film as a writer, director and star, LOVE IN DISGUISE (LUEN OI TUNG GO) will be released on August 13, but its pictorial collection is already available to warm up the market. Today Director Wang even took time for a film pictorial collection autograph session in Taipei and shared the growth and creative experience of his debut as a director.

The book is divided into Superstar Chapter, Disguise Chapter, Romance Chapter, School Life Chapter, and Music Chapter, and also collects many exciting stills from the film and the record of his growth as a first time director. Leehom stated that he did not just decide to make a movie out of the blue. He passionately loved creating and enjoyed that type of something out of nothing process, whether with records, writing, acting or directing. These creative processes enriched his life and made his life more meaningful. He also shared his director experience. "A director is like being at the helm, the entire team works toward the direction that you would like to go. In addition, you have to be responsible for all the workers' everyday life. Perhaps due to a lack of personnel, sometimes I have to do a variety of chores like sweeping and moving props myself."

In this inspirational comedy, Leehom even stars in the lead opposite Liu Yifei and Joan Chen. The story not only mixed in music, love, traditional art and culture with other elements but also attempted to deliver a courage of self breakthrough, self hard work and true heart to the audience.

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