Tuesday, July 6, 2010


courtesy of takungpao.com

Mainland actor Jia Hongsheng on July 5 fell to his death at the age of 43. The police has begun its investigation. Jia Hongsheng was linked to SUZHOU RIVER co-star Zhou Xun in rumors.

Reportedly, Jia Hongsheng and Zhou Xun in 1998 worked on Lou Ye's film SUZHOU RIVER in Shanghai and got along famously at first sight. In 1999, Jia Hongsheng and Zhou Xun's relationship after over a year gradually cooled and finally they parted ways. Zhou Xun already learned about Jia Hongsheng's fall and expressed her sorrow through her manager. "This was shocking and heartbreaking news, I think now Jia Hongsheng needs peace the most. Everyone please respect him and stop disturbing his soul again. I wish that he can go where he wants to go and plead with everyone not to bother his family."

Jia Hongsheng's family through the National Theatre Company of China issued a statement. "The realm that Hongsheng was after perhaps none of us could have given to him. He has gone looking for it."

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