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On the 5th, an all new Chinese opera film XIAO ZHOU HOU (LITTLE ZHOU QUEEN) held a premiere in Guangzhou. In order to even better preserved and developed the Langnan cultural treasure of Cantonese opera as well as exploring Cantonese opera new broadcast format, XIAO ZHOU HOU's production team moved the traditional stage art to the silver screen. The performers would gather today.

The epic Cantonese opera XIAO ZHOU HOU was a Foshan Cantonese Opera Cultural brand name opera. Since Cantonese Opera was successfully selected as a world intangible cultural heritage, in order to better preserve the Langnan traditional culture treasure and for the Cantonese Opera traditional culture shine anew, Foshan Cantonese Opera house with the support of province administration of radio, film and television and the Foshan city council promotional department created this film. Yin Dawei, a director who has settled in France and Gong Li's mentor, directed the film. Foshan Cantonese Opera house chief, Chinese opera performance award "Plum Flower Award" winner Li Shuqin played the Little Queen Zhou. The film XIAO ZHOU HOU was the love story of a state toppling beauty Little Queen Zhou and the talented Southern Tang Latter Lord Li Yu, through the strong contrast of Little Queen Zhou's admiration of Li Yu's talent and Li Yu's devastation in the face of losing his state and family it expressed a lingering romance.

The film's director Yin Dawei has a strong ability to control film art, and very caution consideration for the difference in film and stage art performance formats. In order to make its history stand out, the team went to shoot on location in Hengdian and pioneered a national opera film. The Little Queen Zhou was a top national actor, Chinese opera "Plum Flower Award" winner, famous young Cantonese opera performance artist Li Shuqin. "This is a daring attempt of a cross over collaboration between opera and film. In order to coordinate with the film art
creativity, the film version XIAO ZHOU HOU made some adjustments in the original script and added in some popular elements to attract even more young viewers. Creators created with the most creative artistic mentality, hoping to create an unique opera film with a heavy cultural
background to preserve and develop Cantonese Opera culture." Li Shuqin said.

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