Monday, July 19, 2010


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After 13 years away from the silver screen, Vivian Chow Wai Man teams up with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu on the Ann Hui On Wa directed romantic comedy ALL ABOUT LOVE (DUT HAN CHAU FAN). The film recently has been chosen to be the 5th annual Summer International Film Festival opening film. Reportedly in the film Vivian has many daring kiss and bed scenes with Kwan Yu and William Chan Wai Ting. Aside from a bath scene with Kwan Yu, she also passionately kisses William from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Vivian is so daring with the first strike of her comeback completely because she has always admired and trusted the director. In addition this time she plays a lesbian, a very challenging character with a lot of potential. In order to playing the character convincingly, Vivian before the shoot already did a lot of research on gay sites and even occasionally went to some gay bars in Lan Kwai Fong at night with the director and exchanged romantic experience with lesbians there. "Because I haven't made a movie in a very long time, inevitably I was more nervous about my performance. In order to get into character to make myself a real lesbian, I often hypnotized myself to like women. During the shoot I would constantly converse with Kwan Yu. After work I would call her too like a real couple, thus the kiss scenes with her felt very natural. Instead the bed scene with William was more awkward for me because he really was like a kid."

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