Monday, July 19, 2010


Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon), Law Kar Ying
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Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon) yesterday promoted their new film DRAGON PHOENIX INN (LUNG FUNG DIM) in costume. Siu Chai wore a dragon robe while Big S was dressed like Sister Li Feng. During the event Law Kar Ying joked, "If Siu Chai wasn't already married with children, I believe Big S would truly fall for him!" Big S awkwardly said, "With so many people here what do you want me to say? Brother Siu Chai is great, I really want to ask him to set me up with a boyfriend."

Siu Chai said, "Big S is very gentle and really knows how to take care of people. (She asked you to set her up with a boyfriend.) If she doesn't mind me with a wife and kids I am available! I am just joking!" Siu Chai revealed earlier by accident he matched his ACCIDENT (YI NGOI) wife Yoyo Han Yuqin with an outside the industry CEO buddy. Later many friends wanted him to play matchmaker. Did he have any rich friends? Siu Chai said, "I have many around, Big S is a good girl who really knows how to take care of people. Whoever is her boyfriend is very lucky." If Big S is so great, everyone is curious why she does not have any boyfriend? He said, "I don't feel right about asking directly. Maybe she is too busy with work, which has a little effect." Would he accept matchmaker laisee? He said, "No, last time I paid a lot. I even paid for meals. I can open a marriage intermediary company." As for the saying that stated "it's good for three generations not to be a matchmaker", he said, "I didn't charge any salary, as I constantly do losing business. This isn't my profession, it's no big deal."

Big S pointed out that earlier when she promoted in the Mainland, the media asked Siu Chai to help with boyfriend recommendations. She said, "Everyone also felt that he was a very reliable matchmaker." Big S stated that she was only looked for someone who was happy and healthy.

Would he have to keep up with her upkeep? Big S said, "No, I can take care of myself. This year I wish to be able to have real peach blossom, but now is already July and I still don't have any. It's time to open up. In the past I would resist boyfriend set ups, now I should give it a try." Big S honestly said that because she is getting older she did not want to have a child too late. Thus she would accept set up dates.

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