Friday, July 2, 2010


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GIK LONG CHING CHUN (RAPID WAVE YOUTH) would be the Chinese film world's first film and television cultural investment fund assisted youth inspirational film. With assistance from the Beijing Dragon Boat Sport Association, the film would have athletes from the Asian Game traditional Dragon Boat competition to work with a group of young superstars. The cast would include Huang Xiaoming, Joe Chen Qian En, Eric Tsang Chi Wai and others. The production also made a special "dragon boat". Yesterday the event invited producer John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) to dot the dragon boat's eyes.

Chen Qiao En this time would play a calm and persistent national rowing athlete. She was very happy to be able to try a different character and would work hard to play the character well. Qiao En had a fear of water but recently she has already begun to train in rowing in hopes of conquering her fear. She also exercised a lot to firm up her physique. Despite all the scars and bruises that rowing has left on her limbs, she did not complain.

As for working with Huang Xiaoming, Qiao En looked forward to being able to bring different spark and novelty to the audience. However she was not afraid of rumors with him. She has paid attention to Hong Kong news and realized that rumors between Huang Xiaoming and AngelaBaby have been speculated heavily. However she would not ask him about it. Currently she is single but she was very envious of Huang Xiaoming. She hoped to be able to find another half who would be able to bring her happiness soon.

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