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Elanna Kong Yuek Lam

Kelly Fu Ka Lei
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A fatal explosion took place in Bangkok. Elannie Kong Yuek Lam two nights ago worked on Pang Fat's new film FAIRY TALE KILLER (SOK MING TUNG WA), which ended yesterday morning at 7AM. Originally she planned to go straight to bed at the hotel. Soon text messages from her
family and friends woke her as everyone was worried about her safety over the Bangkok explosion.

Yesterday Elanne said, "Mommy was the most nervous, as she urged me not to go out aside for work. Now I am the only actor left, I feel so grey." Co-stars James and Gary returned to Hong Kong before the explosion and thought the explosion was severe enough to send text message to see how she was. Because she did not reply, they went to the company to "ask for help".

Elanne yesterday was still in Bangkok, waiting director Pang Fat's notice to see whether additional shoot was needed. The soonest she would return to Hong Kong would be tomorrow. Without anything to do, yesterday she went with local workers to the city center for lunch and shopping. "They said today (yesterday) is the Thailand Buddha's birthday, it is a major event. No one would cause trouble today. Thus I was very at ease when I was out. The streets were very quiet. I only saw a black plastic bag of unknown origin on the street and I immediately went the other way. Safety comes first."

Elanne posted that she was safe online to keep her fans from worrying. "Because we shot in a remote country area, at first no one knew what happened. When we saw the headline we were surprised. We are one of 3,000 Hong Kong people who are stuck in danger, but we are fine. Don't worry!"

Despite the explosion, Hong Kong film professionals are still working on location in Thailand. They were used to seeing situations and fearlessly continued on.

Thai Chinese Pang Brothers were not afraid of the explosion. Currently Pang Fat is still working on the "lucky shot" for FAIRY TALE KILLER's production start. He said, "I am used to it, I know it's nothing. Maybe today is the Buddha's birthday, they are all song and dances over there. (What about brother Pang Shun?) He earlier was shooting THE DETECTIVE 2 (B+ JING TAM) over there. Two days ago he just returned to Hong Kong. We are locals, we know where we can go. Heaven looks after lucky people."

Ken Low Wai Kwong earlier worked on FAIRY TALE KILLER. The Thai local pointed out that after the explosion the city was quiet. "Many tourists went shopping. I went to the city myself. (Were you worried about your safety?) No, maybe it's just because of the election. (Any family over there?) My brother, he doesn't live near where it happened. Just avoid the place where it happened then you are fine!"

Model Kelly Fu Ka Lei also worked on FAIRY TALE KILLER. Two days ago as she was about to return to Hong Kong, the explosion took place in Bangkok. When it happened she was only a block away in the shopping district.

"At the time I was shopping, preparing to buy a gift for a friend's birthday. Suddenly I heard boom, even the ground was shaking! Then many people ran to the streets. The people on the streets were like the lead in RUN LOLA RUN, they just kept running! Luckily I didn't go to the supermarket for snacks, if not it would've been big trouble."

Kelly said that after the explosion chaos ensued, people thought the red shirts were rioting again. Thus she immediately took a taxi back to the hotel to pack and leave. Kelly thought she has been very unlucky. "Several months ago when I went to Thailand for an ad I already ran into
the red shirts, several weeks ago during the shoot my eyes got some strange illness. As I was leaving trouble still happened. (Would you consider getting blessing from the White Dragon King?) I heard he's in the hospital!"

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