Thursday, July 15, 2010


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Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon), Huo Siyan, Pan Changjiang two nights ago attended the Beijing trailer press conference for the costume romantic comedy DRAGON PHOENIX INN (LUNG FUNG DIM). Playing the inn owner Sister Phoenix, Big S expressed that she liked this character very much because Sister Phoenix looked quite high spirited but actually was very kind inside. Big s even issued a challenged to the internet celebrity Sister Phoenix. "I not only am sassier, sexier and prettier than her, I am even more 'thunderous' than she is." Siu Chai also rather enjoyed the frequently abused Emperor character in the film.

Playing Big S' brother, Pan Changjiang said that if in real life he had a sister like Big S then he would be "proud to death" and not do anything at all. Earlier reports claimed that Siu Chai wanted to play matchmaker for Big S. Did Pan Changjiang have any good selection for his "sister"? He boasted, "With my sister's beauty, smart and diligence at work, as well as fame, I feel no man in the Mainland can match her." Then what kind of boyfriend did he feel Big S should find? He seriously said, "Handsome, manly, and very attentive."

Big S earlier on her microblog said that Siu Chai was a sheep in wolf's skin. Siu Chai who has been working hard to end his connection with "the extinct good man" said, "I should be considered a wolf in wolf's skin. Actually when I was little I was very stubborn and rebellious, I did whatever I wanted. Now I have gradually matured and became more responsible. However I am very afraid when people say me whatever good man, I still hope to do whatever I want without any pressure." Siu Chai in the film had many caning scenes at the hands of Big S. In real life how would his wife punish him? Siu Chai said, "I think men no matter when have to have that upper hand. If the old lady beats me how shameful would I be. In order to avoid such an incident, I think men should learn to bravely apologize and admit their wrong in time. So far, our home still hasn't had the phenomenon of a strict supervision from the wife."

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