Sunday, July 18, 2010


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Vivian Hsu (Tsui Hei Suen) appeared on the Japanese beauty and fashion magazine BEA'S UP to promote her second Japanese single released on September 1. She landed on the magazine cover this month, the first Chinese to do so.

Speaking of her acting experience, Vivian honestly said in order to be closer to her character, she would work hard to remove her true nature. For example earlier for the Ang Lee produced JULIET in which she played a woman with polio, she not only forced herself to be 100% focused but also when she was not on the set she tried to stay in character. She said, "For characters with personalities that are very different from my own, the process may be tough but is also very enjoyable and very fun." To concentrate on her record preparation, Vivian lately not only stopped her acting job but also has been running, swimming and going to the gym to train.

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