Sunday, July 25, 2010


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Andy Lau Tak Wa and Gong Li starred romantic comedy WHAT WOMEN WANT (NGOR JI NUI YUN SUM) is in production now. Lau Tak Wa this time is quite lucky as he is in the midst of many beauties. Wa Jai in the film plays a successful and romantic advertising company creative department director. By chance he can the power to read "hearts", which turns him from the self centered boss who ignores the feelings of others into an understanding super romantic who gets his way and has his female co-workers under his spell. Wa Jai's look is sharp dressed and dashingly handsome, as the female co-workers frequently surround him.

In the past Wa Jai mostly plays cops and tough guys on the silver screen. This time he finally gets the chance to return to comedy. According to the workers, Wa Jai has the most lines and is the most tired on the set. In order to play the "heart reading" convincingly, Wa Jai often continuously chats up and jokes around the beauties during his break to interact more with the girls and understand them. Playing the director's administrative assistant, MTV host Juju Zhu has many scenes with Wa Jai. Juju Zhu points out that Wa Jai does not behave like a big shot on the set at all. He is passionate and attentive, whether on the set or in life he is the extremely charismatic model of men.

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