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Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) recently appeared in Jinan to promote a herbal beverage. He even expressed that he would like to make kung fu films. Ng Yin Cho revealed that he has started studying martial art since he was 11, which was related to the great shape that he was in. Born in the U.S., Ng Yin Cho after watching the film SHAOLIN TEMPLE at the age of 6 could not be more excited and planned to study martial arts. However his mother was worried that he would become aggressive after learning martial arts and did not agree. "When I was 11, my family hired a martial art master from Beijing. I studied kung fu with him." Several years later, he represented the U.S. wushu team in Shichahai, Beijing and practiced kung fu with the Chinese wushu team. Later he won many awards. Thus, he has always wanted to be able to make a movie that truly reflected Chinese traditional kung fu. Unfortunately so far this dream has not
been fulfilled, much to his regret.

The martial art master not only taught him kung fu but also affected his future life habits. "The master not only taught me kung fu but also taught me traditional culture and the way to maintain good health." From then on, Ng Yin Cho learned a lot of Chinese traditional culture. After marriage, Ng Yin Cho still firmly lived by the lifestyle that his master taught him. "Eat light food, live and work in happy and healthy ways everyday." Ng Yin Cho revealed that his relationship with his wife has been great, which also benefited from such health first lifestyle. "While I am working on a movie in the Mainland, almost everyday I would chat with her over the phone. I feel that this type of communication is very important between two people."

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