Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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Andy Lau Tak Wa and Gong Li have been in the business for years and finally got the chance to work together. Their first collaboration WHAT WOMEN WANT (NGOR JI NUI YUN SUM) yesterday held a press conference in Beijing.

Despite reports of a divorce, Gong Li was in great spirits. In the film Wa Jai and Gong Li work together in the same ad agency. Although they were both married, in the end they grew fond of each other. Actually Wa Jai in the film was a man who could hear what women were thinking. On their first collaboration Gong Li and Wa Jai traded pleasantries. Gong Li said, "The first collaboration with Wa Jai felt very refreshing, he is humorous and constantly brings a lot of joy to the studio. Thus work feels very relaxed, without any pressure." Wa Jai called her "Sister Gong Li" because before they came in contact he felt she had a big star presence. After meeting he realized that she was quite fun loving and they got along well. Wa Jai stated, "I have wanted to work with Sister Gong Li for a long time. This time is worth all that waiting."

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