Monday, July 5, 2010


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Stephen Chow Sing Chi earlier in an interview mentioned turning his film CJ7 into a cartoon. He said, "This film originally is about children, so it is suitable to be a cartoon. I miss very much that sense of fantasy in childhood." Speaking of his CJ7 cockroach scene as memorable, he expressed that it was based on a real story. When he was little over a thousand cockroaches were at the back stairway door. He and his friends treated killing cockroaches as entertainment!

In addition, CJ& displayed a lot of fatherly love. Sing Yeh expressed that when he was little his parents were divorced. He lived with his mother but spent some time with his father as well. He remembered the most that his father loved to cook a type of vegetable called purple yam, the tomato in the dish was very delicious. He also remembered that his father often picked him up by his arms. Thus after growing up he often met with his father and their relationship was also great.

Speaking of being able to make many films in a year but now only making one every several years, he joked that because he has become lazier and lazier and older. In addition in recent years he would spend a long time to look at scripts.

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