Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[2010.10.21] CHEN KUN SCARES LU YI

courtesy of takungpao.com

The Chen Kun and Lu Yi starred new film MY EX-WIFE'S WEDDING will be released January 6. Although in real life they are as close as brothers, in the film they had to turn on each other over a woman and even get physical. Chen Kun said that their coordination was the most important to the fight scene, if not done right they would easily have an accident! However he and Lu Yi had chemistry and with numerous rehearsals before hand he was not too worried.

In one scene Chen Kun almost had an accident with Lu Yi. Originally Lu Yi was going easy, but he accidentally pushed Chen Kun onto a table corner that hit the back of his head. Lu Yi said, "I saw him all dazed after the bump, then he looked like he was going to faint, the director and I were stunned! We immediately stopped the take to check on him. As soon as we got close he jumped out and scared us again. However we were happier than he had us fool, the most important thing was he was fine." Chen Kun said, "At the moment of the bump I was dying from the pain and felt momentary dizziness. Luckily I wasn't bleeding. I made up for it by scaring them, haha!"

As for fighting over woman, Chen Kun said that it would not happen to him because his friends have always been more important than his women. He said, "I consider myself a gentleman, I wouldn't use force to resolve problems."

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