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Emperor film LET THE BULLETS FLY will not open in Hong Kong until January 13. The film earlier invited classic on screen couple Chow Yun Fat and Carol Cheng Yui Ling to reunite and became the talk of the town. Last night TVB Entertainment News Station aired a LET THE BULLETS FLY actress Carina Lau Ka Ling interview. The host was her former romantic rival Margie Tsang Wa Sin. They even openly talked about Tony Leung Chiu Wai!

Last night TVB Entertainment News Station aired a promotional video in which Lau Ka Ling was promoting LET THE BULLETS FLY in an interview. Interviewing Ka Ling was her romantic rival Tsang Wa Sin. On camera host Wa Sin asked three very sharp questions, two of which were about Leung Chiu Wai. Wa Sin asked Ka Ling how many intimate scenes Ka Ling had in LET THE BULLETS FLY and would her husband Wai Jai be jealous? She also was asked whether she minded Wai Jai and Tang Wei's nude scenes earlier? The final question was whether she will work with another romantic rival Maggie Cheung Man Yuk again! Reportedly, when they saw each other they were not embarrassed. On and off camera they talked about
everything and anything!

Tsang Wa Sin said that this was not her first interview with Lau Ka Ling. Earlier she has interviewed her on aTV and on radio. Wa Sin honestly said, "We have known each other since we were young. We don't often see each other and don't meet for dinner, but every time we meet we have a lot to talk about. Maybe it's because the feeling of knowing each other from the training class days still remains! The feeling between me and her is very interesting. As long as we get together, everyone naturally would think about one thing!" The reporter asked, "Leung Chiu Wai?" She said, "Whatever people think! I can't stop how others think, our relationships are facts. Would we feel awkward when we see each other? This is something that outsiders would think we would be, actually nothing happened at all." TVB Entertainment News Station scheduled this program to air on January 2.

In addition, LET THE BULLETS FLY since opening on the 16th in the Mainland has already exceeded 200 million yuan at the box office! Two days ago the Sichuanese version has been released in the Mainland. Director Jiang Wen along with the producers and several actors attended a meet and greet event at a certain Beijing cinema because on its Mainland opening day it already broke AVATAR's admission rate. Jiang Wen confidently said about the box office, "Chinese film's market is still very large, we can't let AVATAR monopolize it and let them take our market share. We must surpass AVATAR!"

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