Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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The 20 show Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert series two nights ago continued at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Every night Wa Jai brought surprises for his fans as he asked Louie Castro (Ga Si Lok) and Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man) to be his guest performers. Sally and Wa Jai sang Eric Moo (Mo Kai Yin)'s song HEART SOURING LOVE SONG.

With 30 years in the business Wa Jai invited guests who his fans grew up with and could relate to. Wa Jai said, "I have watched this guest since I was very little. His show kept me company for a long time. I also learned to ride a bicycle because of this television series. I thought he was very light and very cool on the bike, do you remember him......" Many fans realized that the guest was Ga Si Lok. He sang STAR and received passionate applauses.

Wa Jai during the encore segment led thousands to fever pitch with his songs and dance. Wa Jai asked the fans if they had enough and invited special guest Yip Sin Man to the stage. Because the previous seven shows did not have a guest during encore, the audience was very surprised. Yip Sin Man not only sang with Wa Jai but emotionally also said that Wa Jai was a good man, which made fans scream. "Wa Jai and I have known each other for years, before I was invited to be a guest my Mama saw Wa Jai's concert on television and told me I definitely had to go. So I am very glad that Wa Jai invited me to be the guest." She honestly said that they have known each other for a long time, praised him as a good singer, a good actor and a good man. Sally said, "Everyone have to keep supporting Wa Jai!" Wa Jai hug Sally in appreciation but Sally mischievously called him sweaty. Many friends like Karen Mok Man Wai and Gigi Leung Wing Kei who was ailing from her Beijing concert were in the audience.

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