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Director Feng Xiaogang and leads Ge You and Shu Qi two nights ago attended the IF YOU ARE THE ONE 2 Hong Kong premiere. Shu Qi and Ge You entered with five couples in wedding wear, but Shu Qi in a green low cut dress stole the show. Shu Qi even read her vows in
Cantonese, but no one understood what she said. Obviously her Cantonese skills have declined.

She apologized for her bad Cantonese. "Sorry, I raped your ears!" She also said that her Cantonese ability did not decline, but has not improved over 10 years. As for the mock wedding with Ge You, she thought it felt pretty good and thought that he matched her well. She also
praised, "He is humble too. Although he often says he wouldn't cheer up a girl, he actually really knows how to take care of a girl! (Are you looking forward to marriage?) I asked him why he got married so soon, actually during the shoot we extended our real relationship!" Did she have any luck at Miriam Yeung Chin Wa's wedding party earlier? She honestly said that she ran into many friends but she was drunk for two days. Only last night she was a little more sober. Speaking of old flame Leon Lai Ming missing Chin Wa's party to avoid her, she said, "Then you have to ask him! (Is seeing him awkward?) We don't need to mention ancient history again!" Speaking of the White Dragon King being hospitalized, she stressed that was two days old news. Master was fine. She pointed out that White Dragon King has always had lung issues. She said that he was wise and kind, but he did not get enough rest when he was sick. Now he could rest a little.

Ge You was asked whether he will work on IF 3. He honestly said that he did not have the third film's script. He personally felt that in general comedy had difficulty exceeding the first film. Unlike it was a box office issue, audience taste would grow as would their demands! Speaking of his film LET THE BULLETS FLY's great response and the chance to be adapted into a Hollywood film, he said that he has not heard any news yet.

His films all have had decent box office. He humbly said that he only performed, a film also had a director and other actors. In addition although several films performed well in the Mainland, their Hong Kong box office was not considered good. Perhaps it was the distance between the
lines! He even said that Shu Qi in IF 2 spoke Beijing accent Putonghua, which might also be a problem for Hong Kong viewers. Did he have any box office pressure? He said that everyone worked together on the entire film, in other words he personally would not have any pressure.

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