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Timmy Hung Tin Ming
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Law Chung Him did not look pleased with all the rumors

Carol Yeung Chi Yiu, Shum Chi Ming
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The Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) directed, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Carol Yeung Chi Yiu, Law Chung Him, Shum Chi Ming, Charmaine Fong Ho Man, Timmy Hung Tin Ming and King Kong starred film MARRIAGE WITH A LIAR (FUN CHIN SI OI) held a premiere two nights ago. The actors wore red to welcome Christmas and fed each other chocolate candy. King Kong stuffed
chocolate into Fong Ho Man's mouth. Fong Ho Man spat out her gum for King Kong to chew. The event also gave two large boxes of condoms to Law Chung Him and Chau Sau Na to coordinate the promotion. Hung Tin Ming joked, "That's going to last awhile!"

Chau Sau Na pointed out that in the film her boyfriend cheated, she too was secretly sexy for the winter solstice. "I don't look too sexy but actually I don't have anything underneath my clothes." The event gave her a big box of condoms as a gift. Chau Sau Na honestly said that she would give it to her boyfriend but she was not worried about him using it to cheat. Would she carry some? She said, "With so many, I have to see if I have any need later." Reportedly she and Manning Brother Shum Chi Ming touched hands while dining. She said that in the film he touched her all over. Since her boyfriend knew him too, she was not worried about her boyfriend getting jealous.

In addition, Theresa Fu Wing cried about Law Chung Him seeing two girls at once. Law Chung Him explained, "I read the report but I won't respond." Law Chung Him only replied sorry when asked more about his personal life. As for his relationship with Fu Wing, he said co-workers. Reporters said that he kept avoiding questions about love. In the film he played a cheater, in real life was he also confused in love? He denied that he was avoiding, just that he had no response at this moment. Yeung Chi Yiu two nights ago dressed very conservatively. As for Chau Sau Na stealing the show, she said that everyone was pretty, but she liked Chau Sau Na's taste in clothes too.

In one scene, Hung Tin Ming taught Law Chung Him to screw around. Law Chung Him said, "My old lady is very picky. She thinks she is (Cathy) Tsui Chi Kei, but I am not (Martin) Lee Ka Sing." Hung Tin Ming said, "Why would Tsui Chi Kei be interested in poor people like us!" Because Hung Tin Ming and Tsui Chi Kei had a relationship, the line seemed to have fun at Hung Tin Ming's expense.

Yip Lim Sum denied that the line was tailored for Hung Tin Ming. He pointed out that his performance was professional and he did not feel awkward. He also said that many lines in the film used Hong Kong popular slangs. Hung Tin Ming also felt it was no big deal. "If I thought it
wasn't right, I wouldn't be willing to say it. On my programs I would pick on people. I can take a joke, I am not mad."

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