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Andy says he likes Leon even more after singing STAR

Deanie Ip Tak Han

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The Andy Lau Tak Wa Unforgettable Concert 2010 held its first show two nights ago at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Wa Jai not only showed off his hard trained foot work but also cried three times. The biggest surprise though was the mystery guest, Leon Lai Ming who has been
frequently rumored to be at odds with him. They even had a "century" embrace. However Lai Ming appeared to be cautious throughout. Wa Jai fans gave him passionate applause, which made him very excited.

Wa Jai's 20 show concert series officially kicked off two nights ago. Wa Jai spared no expense. Aside from real flame, firework and laser stage effects, he also had a 40 foot tall figure and performed on bronze shoes" that were hung 30 feet in the air. Fans were the most excited about his six pack abdominal muscles, appearance in his classic film costumes of the past 30 years, and his hard trained dance steps. Even he was very emotional all over the venue, often letting fans hug him and shook his hand. Fans even rushed to the stage and the screams were deafening. When Wa Jai wanted to say something he had to plead with his fans to stop and let him talk numerous times. He joked, "I only want to thank you for letting me live in 30 years of fairy tale, I can't even say that?" Fans then truly calmed down. Wa Jai continued, "However fairy tale is ultimately a fairy tale. If one day I become your family, would you still love me?" Fans said yes, a housewife fan even said, "You can be my son!" Wa Jai continued, "If one day you run into me on the streets, I hope you can give me a passionate hug; but please remember if you shot anything you shouldn't to not put it online, like if I was poking for fish balls and scratching my thigh!" Later Deanie Ip Tak Han who Wa Jai has always treated as a mother appeared in a white haired mother look and said MAMA I LOVE YOU with Wa Jai. The so-called "Iron Man" Wa Jai broke down as soon as he saw her, as he left the stage while crying. Later Wa Jai appeared again, when he got sentimental he sobbed again and broke down for a third time. Fans attentively handed him tissues.

The climax of the evening had to be mystery guest Lai Ming's appearance. From the 90s, Wa Jai and Lai Ming's dispute rumors have been boiling over from speculation. Before Wa Jai introduced Leon, he said, "I remember in the past, once because of this guest you love me and support me even more. When I asked him he was somewhat suspicious, but I told him that my fans don't just support me alone and told him to relax. Now everyone please welcome him with your passionate applause -- Lai Ming." The entire venue erupted and screamed Leon. Dressed causally, when Lai Ming appeared he first congratulated Wai Jai and said that he was very happy everyone gave him passionate applause. He and Wa Jai stared at each other for a few seconds then hug, as they proceeded to sing STAR (MING SING). Wa Jai reached the last verse "Please remember me in your heart" and pointed at Leon, Leon replied, "I will." Wa Jai asked Leon to say a few words, Leon looked a little nervous and said, "Hi everyone, I sometimes don't know what to say. First I am very glad that Wa Jai asked me to participate here today, to have a chance to share his joy. Off stage I listened with the headset, which was something I normally wouldn't have a chance to do. This experience has truly been very exciting and very joyous to me." Then he began to sing Wa Jai's FORGET LOVE WATER. He was very cautious as he stood within the elevator spot and did not dare to step forward. When the concert ended, Wa Jai appeared in pajamas and performed the concert theme song I DON'T WANNA SAY GOODBYE. He joked that if his fans dare to abandon him when he aged, he definitely would take their lives!

Wa Jai revealed that he personally invited Leon to be his guest three or four months ago. Although he agreed right away, he indeed was somewhat hesitant. Why did he invite him? Wa Jai said, "I don't know either, but he played an important role in my 30 years in the business.
(He looked a little nervous?) He is just mild mannered!" Wa Jai also said that if Leon invited him to be his concert guest he will agree to attend. He stressed that his tears were happy tears. When asked whether his wife was at the show, Wa Jai only sighed and gave the reporters a
pat without responding.

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