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Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) and Jennifer Tse Ting Ting worked together in the new film BRUCE LEE MY BROTHER and built a friendship as they and the rest cast seemed to have joined a big family. Lee Chi Ting and Tse Ting Ting knew about superstar Bruce Lee since
childhood. This time through the new film they learned about Bruce Lee's wild youth.

Bruce Lee's name would always remind people of his Jeet Kuen Do and nunchukus. In the new film BRUCE LEE MY BROTHER, not only could the narrative of the family from Bruce Lee's brother Robert Lee Chun Fai be seen, but also things that few knew about this superstar of a generation. Playing Bruce Lee in the film, Lee Chi Ting in order to bring this superstar's story to life not only worked out but also felt a lot of pressure. He said, "Playing Bruce Lee I initially had pressure, but our team had great team spirit. Director (Raymond) Yip Wai Man gave me confidence and shared some of the pressure with me. Finally the pressure gradually reduced. The team was like a big family, with (Tony) Leung Ka Fai who played the father teaching me which direction to act and seemingly gave me a professional actor's blueprint; (Christy) Chung Lai Tai who played the mother gave me an impression of being very pretty and elegantly sexy. After working together each time we met she would give me a very happy hug, truly like a mother with a son. Ting Ting and other actors became my good friends after working together."

Lee Chi Ting honestly said that since childhood he already knew about Bruce Lee's agility. In the new film the most memorable scenes remained action scenes. He said, "The most memorable of course was the fight scene in the rice warehouse because I had to concentrate on the fight scene and display the ferocious side. Another was the dance scene with (Angela) Gong Mi. The night before the shot I received the changes and finally I only spent a night to learn the dance steps. Everyone though the result was decent, that scene was also very memorable."

Tse Ting Ting put a lot of effort into her big screen debut. Although her role was small, she already thought it was decent. Tse Ting Ting said, "I feel having the chance to play this character in my first film is great. I also learn about the film production process and feel
like a family with the team. Everyone united on this same mission, which to me is a good start."

As for her knowledge of Bruce Lee, Tse Ting Ting since childhood already knew that he was a great fighter. Although she did not know much about Bruce Lee, she knew that Bruce Lee's spirit was never giving up and doing even better in the face of a challenge. Speaking of production highlight, Tse Ting Ting would often smile from the heart. She said that off the set she had a lot of laughs, the communications between actors, and even the fortune to enjoy Lee Chi Ting's drum and piano playing all were unforgettable memories for her.

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