Wednesday, December 22, 2010


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A male fan rushed the stage for a hug, to the envy of many female fans.

Wynners were the second show guests. They sang STAR with Andy, who stressed that he already liked this band when he was very young. In his heart they absolutely were the name of
excellence. Wa Jai even revealed that he was brave enough to challenge the music scene because he saw how Alan (Tam Wing Lun) and Nat Chan Pak Cheung were able to become singers. Thus he deeply believed that he definitely would become a singer with hard work. Now his dream finally came true. When Wynners appeared, Wa Jai joked, "Wow, it sounds more like this is your concert."

As they performed, Wynners promoted their show. Alan said, "Hopefully when our concert comes around, the atmosphere will be as good as tonight's. This time is like a warm up for us!" Wynners performed BE WITH HER and acted up like it was their concert.

Deanie Ip Tak Han was also a guest. Papa Lau also cheered his son on with a video, thanking
everyone for their love of his son over the years. Papa Lau appeared on the big screen and said with appreciation, "On September 17 1961 a baby was born. When he was born he was a little
dark. I really never guessed that today he would be a star, thank you very much."

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